Wednesday, August 17, 2011

how Starbucks makes me happy

i would like to believe that i have 'good luck' with Starbucks. it seems that almost each time i buy coffee from them, i will receive another complimentary drink (or maybe it's not just me, but everybody else also) :-P

ohh never mind, at least those complimentary drinks makes me happy :-D

on a different fine evening, i saw this one book in one of the bookstores which I usually visit when i'm there. the title & the synopsis capture my attention. so does the colour which is Green. okay i admit that i'm a colourful person which means i love colours. or whatever la....haha! anyway, i didn't buy the book straight away, because i'm thinking of looking for a better price somewhere.

so after looking around, found a dead end and for a moment there, i forget about the book. 

then suddenly after some time, someone comes to me with a good news. to cut a long story short, after successfully bribing the owner of the book with Starbucks, i've managed to borrow the book. talking about strategy huh....har har har  

just kidding :-P actually, i know deep down that the owner is more than willing to lend the book to me. all i need to do is just ask nicely ;-)

how starbucks save my life
 Extra Coffee Java Chip frappuccino

so for this coming long Raya holiday, i will have this book to cure my loneliness...errrkk i mean to inspire me bah :-P hehe

"Starbucks give me light, when all other lights go out" 
 (sounds familiar right? actually i got the idea to create this quote from the Lord of the Rings...haha) 

(on a additional note, i really can't close my eyes to sleep right now. i can feel my heart beat exactly like after running a half marathon. which is good actually. which is give me extra boost to update my blog...lalalalalala)

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