Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pine Tree Trail, Fraser's Hill

I always love being among the trees in a forest. They are my 'serene' world!

i sleep on the tree first, you guys go ahead...hehe

I really miss 'trekking' :-( Last one I did was at the Pine Tree Trail, Fraser's Hill, Pahang with a bunch of happy-go-lucky friends who shared the same spirit & passion of nature. I'm truly bless having friends like them.


I love the trail! It's one of the most beautiful & peaceful trail I've ever walk in my life.

this is me BEFORE trekking - looks energetic & happy

Okay, I let the pictures tell the story. Honestly, I'm not good in remembering facts or stories or details in and out unlike somebody I know. Gosh! He is naturally born with what i call 'photographic memory'. Haha! I'm impress :-P Neyyy I'm just a lazy bum I guess...hehe!


This is the MOST important thing to start any adventure day of our life. At least for me la :-P

breakfast of a champion....aiseyman :-P

The trail start with 'Do Not Enter' signboard...


Mr Rambo told me that there is these few incidents before where people use the wrong trail and eventually got lost in the jungle. That's why they put the signboard there.

This is the right trail actually...


And this time, I'm smart enough to use the right trekking shoes. I had learn enough from my previous trekking to Nuang :-(


Somebody hang this pair of shoes on the first hut. It's already an early sign showing that the trail must be very difficult. But wait till you experience the trail yourself, it's worth every pain & sweat ;-)


Trekking with Mr Pang, Mr Rambo, Mr Casey & Miss Helen is absolutely fun and interesting and every time I went for a trip with them, I always learn something new & useful from them.


There's another one group trekking at the Pine Tree Trail at the same day with us. Mr Pang found out that they are from the Firefighter Department. No wonder they all looks so fit.


Along the trail, there are so many interesting things to see & to hear. To touch & to feel. To love & to appreciate.  

Most of them are Green, obviously :-D




coal ain't cool

i call this lovey-dovey leaves :D

my friends call this 'question mark' plant...???

i love touching them bcoz they are soft beneath my hands

this small Green plant reminds me of how precious our forest is. it takes like hundred or not, thousand of years for this plant to become one matured tree

and some of them are colorful





yay!!! orange tree

i love tree & i love orange color. so we are soul mate. nging!

I just take picture of anything that trigger my curiosity...


this is looks mysterious isn't


This is my main 'sifu' of the day. He teach me what sort of plants that can be eat in the jungle, what type of trees that you can extract water to drink, etc. It's good to know just in case I lost in the jungle (palis-palis). Hopefully I still be able to recall what he teach me then :D

they called him Mr Rambo. must be bcoz he's quite knowledgeable in the jungle ;-)

He place this plant on my backpack & told me it can chase away the mosquitoes. How about leeches? Unfortunately he said 'NO' :-(


Thank you to my kampong upbringing, so far, I don't have issue with the leeches (minta puji :-P). Had deal before with the similar blood-sucking species called 'lintah sawah' at our paddy field back at my kampong. And they are even bigger and can stretch longer as I used to play with them. Hehe!


One of my favourite lunch time of course having them in the middle of the jungle, surrounding by trees, the sound of the wildlife, insects, etc and breathing the fresh air.


Apples has always been my favourite snack in the jungle. They are refreshing & not heavy to my stomach.


We also stop and rest at the huts provided. And just chit chat or sing a song. There is one time where each of us have to sing their favourite song. When is my turn, they ask me to sing a 'Dusun' song called 'Jambatan Tamparuli'. They know the song bcoz they heard it before when they went to Sabah & they kind of liking the tunes. Luckily, there was no 'Dusun' around there except me, so they won't know if my pronunciations were wrong or out of tunes. Hahaha!!!


When we are in the middle of a forest, we need to be creative & smart if we involved in a certain situation and I'm talking about Mr Casey's shoe here.


See what Mr Casey did to his shoe...




Hehe! But this trick won't work if the track is wet & slippery. You keep slipping off the track. That's why it's quite important to bring a spare of slipper or shoes during trekking. Thank goodness to Mr Casey years of experience of trekking in the jungle ;-)


The Pine Tree Trail is located exactly at the edge of Pahang's border with Selangor.


That's why there is this marking somewhere along the trail.


And I'm standing at the two (2) states at the same time wohhh!!! Isn't that awesome??? (exaggerate huh :-P) haha!


My friends with their sense of humour ask me 'How to stand at the three (3) states at the same time?' Immediately I know the answer. Only man would be able to do that trick ;-)


As we enjoy the trekking so much, we were being force to turn back as it's starting to drizzle & we are way behind our schedule. According to Mr Pang, trekkers should, on the average, take about eight hours at moderate pace to the peak and return. However, the trek gets challenging and difficult when one happens to trek along wet, muddy and slippery paths in the rain.

I don't mind that we didn't reach the peak. Having the opportunity to trek only half way of the trail & accompanied by a bunch of good friends are more than enough for me. Beside I still can come back here if there is opportunity to do so. Who knows ;-)


Sometimes with traveling; it is the journey & the people you are with and meet along the way are more important than the destination. Learn to love & appreciate simple things along the way makes you a happier & better person. 

Going back the trail is another story. We have to climb this steep staircase. Ohh how I dislike staircase. Especially my knees :-P hehe!


From what I seen, the trail is well-trodden, but it seems well-maintained and the best thing is the Pine Tree Hill is clean almost unspoilt by human garbage. See the rope at the staircase. They still looks new & strong.

why i got the feeling that this picture is quite familiar...hmmm

And the trail also well marked.

As always, I love my time spend in the jungle. There are my precious moments in life. Whenever I feel sad, I will remember them, my Green journey :D And I will feel happy all over again.


See my friends still looks stronger & full of stamina after the trekking.


Unlike me, eventho I'm the youngest among them (ehem) :-P

this is me AFTER trekking. huarghh sakit lutut leh! i'm really getting older i guess :-P hahaha!!!

We did take group photos together but had to use some creativity using the ground, towels, bags, etc as there is nobody around to help & no tripod available at that time. Few shots had to be taken as to came out with the perfect picture.

Take 1: Where are Mr Pang & me? (scratch head)


Take 2: Aiya! Mr Pang is still missing (scratch head again)


Take 3: Almost there...


Take 4: PERFECT!!! (i usually said that when i give up already...hehe)


Before leaving Fraser's Hill, everyone must or at least take a picture with the ever famous & much-photographed clock tower of Fraser's Hill. Hee!

One of the rules after trekking is that you must take a dip in the river nearby. The cold naturally water from the river could cure the pain & tiredness in your body. Immediately you would feel strong & ready to take up any challenge in the world all over again. Crap huh! Haha! So far it works for me la. Hehe!


Before we return to the big city (sigh), we drop by at this restaurant to have our dinner together. This is would be my last get together with them before I return to where I belong (happy not, kidding :-P). Never mind, I bet I will have another trip with them sooner than I realized ;-)


The foods here are not bad at all. In fact, the dishes we order are quite delicious. Especially the one called sweet & sour 'bebola babi' (just hantam la the name, can't remember anymore) hahaha!!! 


Or maybe I'm just being hungry as always :-P Or as usual, for me anything to do with foods, almost all of them can go into my mouth. It's good right, when I travel, I will not have problem to eat anything & everything that come across my path :-P hehe!


As for the drinks it's another story. Eventho I'm not much into alcoholic drinks (ehem, innocent girl bah :-P), I saw the beers sell here are much more expensive compared to those at my native land (ehemmm).


Anyway, cheers to more unpredictable yet challenging adventures ahead of us. Wish & pray they all comes across our path very very soon ^ - ^


As to conclude my journey, feel free to take a look at my humble video which I took somewhere along the trail. I call them 'the dancing leaves of Pine Tree Trail' ^ - ^

Note: For more information, you may go to: Fraser's Hill Treasure Trails
You can download & read the booklet which contains a full pictorial map of Fraser’s Hill which completes the picture for any visitors to Fraser’s Hill to take the step in venturing to discover the treasures in Fraser’s Hill 

“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering.”
St. Augustine, Early Christian Priest