Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rhythm of Love

i love flip flops...



i love traveling...


like a Rhythm of Love

And long after I've gone You'll still be humming along And I will keep you in my mind The way you make love so fine We may only have tonight But till the morning sun you're mine all mine Play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

the climb

Yup, I'm climbing....

climbing - rachel lamam
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Lamam

And I will not stop till I reach the peak ;-)

Of course running is always in my list.

That's why I just register to run for the Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon and aiming to break my personal best time at the 'City of Angels'.

See you guys there ;-)

I'm praying, waiting & crossing my fingers & toes for another one marathon to open their registration. Nothing is PERFECT for me but to end my 2011 with 2 marathons & backpacking in 2 countries. Cheers!!!