Saturday, September 24, 2011

Discovering Kinabatangan

i went to Kinabatangan for the 1st time on 2009 after I finished the Sandakan Sepilok Nature Marathon race which is so far is the BEST half marathon for me ever. no other marathon can beat that. seriously!!! it's the toughest race for me but at the same time it's full of surprises which I like. hee!

then recently, fate bring me back to Kinabatangan for the 2nd time. but this time it's a totally different experience. the feeling is more real & deep within me. deeper than the Kinabatangan river. kunu :-P


a good place to eat while you drive on the way to Lahad Datu or Sandakan.


if you go here, you must try the 'sambal belacan'. "trus ko nampak London ohhh" (that's a familiar description to a delicious food by my orang kampong...hehe).

the signature 'sambal belacan' of Kedai Kopi Santa

one of my favourite dish, the 'sup tulang' is not bad at all.


i don't know how to describe Lahad Datu town but I think it's a town that have it's own special things. small but full of surprises ;-)


and right away I went to subscribe as a member to this society, which the offcie is just opposite to where we stay for the night. kidding :-P


that night, we went to dinner at this place. recommended by my colleagues who are based at Lahad Datu. they always go there to eat. even the lady owner already recognizes them.


they told me to try this dish which it's called 'bayam goreng'.


a bit oily but nevertheless, it's still look & taste good. as Andrew Zimmern always said "if it looks good, eat it!"


when you have a full stomach with a good foods, you can sleep anytime, anyhow & anywhere. haha!

guess which one is mine? :-D

my best friends. without them i'm nothing :-P

next morning, we had our breakfast at the nearby coffee shop.

kai kiok dim sum (kaki ayam). i loike so much!!

can't live without them :-P

this house bring some memory back :-D


while waiting for our boat to Kg. Abai, i play with this cute puppy. he is so tiny. puppies always makes my heart melt. don't know how big he can grow tho. but have you heard this before:

"best things come in small packages"

ehemmm!! just like me. contoh :-P


the boat journey to Kg. Abai takes about 1 hour from Sukau.


the modified jetty at Kg. Abai


another animal to play with. the cat has a very white & clean furs. (bikin gerigitan)


Kg. Abai is one of the village who supply native tree seedlings for forest restoration for Kinabatangan area.


one of the nurseries at Kg. Abai.


a nice place to eat & hang out just beside the river. another idea to munch over for my future homestay. angan-angan saja bah. hehe!

Johnsonville Cafe

our lunch for the day is beyond words. so out of the world!!! (exaggerate :-P) actually what i trying to say here is that when the foods is prepare with a deep sincerity & straight from the heart, indeed it is out of the world. i'm deeply touched.


our lunch for the day are plain white rice with simple dishes like curry chicken, chicken cook with ketchup sauce, pumpkin with coconut milk (my favourite!!!) & fried vegetable popia. but nothing in this world can beat the 'sambal belacan' prepared by the villagers there. it was my drug for the two (2) days I spent at Abai. hee!.


and there were many varieties of 'kuih Raya' being served. i'm dancing in delight.




we slept at this building which still looks new.


whoever interested to stay here instead of the lodges, you can contact Mr Rukee at 013-5505349 or email him at for further details & arrangement.


they provide morning & night boat cruise for travelers. which we went for both (tamaha). hee!


if you're looking for different experience in discovering Kinabatangan, stay at Kg. Abai ;-)


this is the bathroom cum the toilet. a slightly far from where we slept. therefore, if you're already started to feel something, you better start to walk immediately. or might as well run. haha


then in the evening, before we go for the night cruise to watch the fireflies (i loike), we went for some leisure walk around the village.


hello Pizza Hut! hello! hello! tut! tut! unfortunately, the public phone doesn't have connection yet. mission failed :-p


by the way, there is only one spot at Abai where you can get the phone connection. but the connection is quite weak. so if you're lucky, you would be able to get the line. and forget it if you're a Digi or Maxis subscribers. Celcom is still the best when it comes to rural areas ;-)


there was this walkway build by the government from the villagers' houses to the school.


they said it is quite useful when the area near the river is flooded during the raining season.


caught up with some villagers collecting their river prawns from their net. either they will sell the prawns to the middle person at Sukau or keep them to eat.


we're looking at the opposite of the river where it's on the progress of clearing the land for oil palm. hmmm! looks like we still have a long long way in our line of work.


bcoz of the Hari Raya festivity, the village is run out of prawns. so our host didn't managed to cook them for us. tapun2 :-(


the bathroom

look at the boat. cool huh :D

'kedai runcit'

from time to time, elephants will go roaming at the field. the village folks told me that the elephants are quite tame & sometime they play with the kids. whoa! i didn't know that.


paddy field?

this fruit is called 'kangis' by the locals & it's one of the favourite fruit eaten by the wild Orang Utan near the river.


when you peel it open, it looks like a small 'manggis'.


the villager have given us few of those fruits to eat. extremely sour! like i can loss 1 kg of my fats for each 'kangis'. haha!

teatime! i am smurfly happy! (godoot)...hehe


time to hit the river for the night cruise. while waiting for the boat, we managed to snap a few photos of the Kinabatangan river during sunset...

with Joannie, who has a great sense of humour


spot the similarity

didn't took any photos during the night cruise. my camera can't capture anything. too dark. a lot of fireflies tho. a lot than those at Klias River, Beaufort. they reminds me of Christmas tree.

our dinner

rarely dance in my life before but that night was totally a different story. i lose count on how many types of dance i learn only in one night...joget, cha-cha, twist...


poco-poco....hahaha!!! okay, the only reason why I dare to dance my hear out is bcoz nobody knows me there except for my few friends. but they are also having so much fun themselves. hehe!


i tell you those people at Kg Abai is very very talented. actually not only in Kg Abai but everywhere in Sabah. singing & dancing is already a common thing for Sabahan. i guess i'm the only Sabahan who needs to enroll in a 'kelas pemulihan'....he he he


managed to sing one song only. erkk actually two songs. but the first song I have to stop half way. don't ask me what did happen and don't ask me either what songs was those two *epic fail...ha ha ha

sunrise at Kinabatangan river

sleep quite late that night. but we managed to wake up early for the morning cruise. we are quite excited to explore the place that we're going to later.


by the way, the place is called Danau Pitas.

i don't know how to describe Danau Pitas. wait till you see the pictures or better go there yourself. such a beauty ;-)

wish i have this kind of view in my bedroom

will continue on my next post. till then have a peaceful rest & imagine yourself sleeping near a river, accompany by the beautiful sounds of the surrounding.

Sit by a river. Find peace and meaning in the rhythm of the lifeblood of the Earth. — (Anonymous)

on a different note, did you know that Ulai is a name of an ancient river somewhere in the Middle East...hehe!


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The Eulaus of the Greeks; a river of Susiana. It was probably the eastern branch of the Choasper (Kerkhan), which divided into two branches some 20 miles above the city of Susa. Hence Daniel (8:2, 16) speaks of standing "between the banks of Ulai", i.e., between the two streams of the divided river.