Sunday, November 07, 2010

Drive, Play, Love

when you combined a girl who driving on her own and is so eager to play with her Lumix, you will get unlimited pit stops.....lalalalalala


some insect i found at Pekan Nabalu. seems like my macro skill is still under performance. never mind, i try & try again till i reach there. give up is never exist in my dictionary. kunun! :-P


therefore better think twice or triple before you want to become her passengers. you need a patience as high as the Mt Kinabalu :-P


anyway, i'm not there yet. still a lot more to learn & to improve. okay, where bah is my LX3 sifu nie??? harharhar!!!

**FYI, all of these pictures are unedited ;o)


JIPP said...

uyoooo. maju ohh. Nahh, u don't really hv to edit anyth those pics. They are fine as they are. Jadi kartun tu kalo kana edit. Ohh, u shud just hv put on the auto taking a close up for the kumbang tai. kahkahkah. Nway, good to know that I hv a photographer now. har har har. I hope the your old camera is deep in the garbage now. :-P

Wana said...

Ulai..keep exploring..hehehee..Jipp, saya pun ter-jangkit si Ulai ni..hahaha

ULAI said...

ya i love it when they are original. ahaks! so sayang la klu deep in the garbage :-P but i'm thinking of giving it to my small nephew, so that he can play around with it. manatau got hidden talent. who knows kan...eventho camera pencen sdh. haha!

ya neth, let exploring together. jangkitan yg baik bah nie :-P

anee said...

..herm..!I'm glad that more ppl are percaying Lumix techno..