Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cook, Eat, Love

recently, i don't know what is happening to me but since he comes into my life, i always being inspired in many ways than i can never imagine. one of them is the effort to cook my own dinner at home after work. at the same time he's making me healthy by eating my own home-cooked meal. in the end, i know i would have some nice pictures to remind me of my own journey of self satisfaction ;o)

5 small letters 1 BIG change! don't you think so??? :-P

cooking with lumix
again, this picture is not edited ;o)

honestly, i have fallen deeply in love with him ^ - ^


anee said...

now I get it by "the photo is not edited'welcome to the club

ULAI said...

is SLOW :-P...harharhar!!! thank yew! thank yew!