Monday, June 28, 2010

Mulu - The Spectacular Bat Exodus

We're at the Bat Observatory to view the evening exodus of bats from the Deer Cave, Mulu, Sarawak. We're so lucky that day. One of my best moments in life. Sharing the moment with a bunch of great friends makes it more priceless ^ - ^

The video is too long so I have to split it into two (2) parts:

Part 1: Where I
spoiled the brief moment clip of Jipp. Sorry! Next time I stay far far away into the Deer Cave :-P. Hmmm I just realized that he is quite excited when he heard the word 'panjanggg'. I wonder why??? He he he

Part 2
: Yeah I shyly admitted that my voice is so so prominent till I'm pretty sure that all the bats flying up at the sky there can hear me. Thank goodness I didn't scared them back into the Deer Cave. I really try my best to control my third world country gene inside of me. Anyway I'm proud that I'm belong from the third world country you know :-P

Actually, I really really love to upload two (2) more videos (something to do with poco-poco & 'berbaris'), but I don't dare. I'm scared that I won't be able to stay alive till end of this year to run for the Penang & Singapore Marathon if I did ^ - ^

Mulu - The Sound of the Penan Seruling

The sound of the traditional Penan Seruling played along at the River Walk, nearby the Garden of Eden Valley at Mulu, Sarawak.

Left: Ismail (our guide for the trip)
Right: Lena Gregory 7(see how she proudly smiles :D )