Friday, April 16, 2010

One fine Sunday at Tun Fuad Stephen's Park

Last Sunday morning, I did my long run training at Tun Fuad Stephen's Park for my 3rd race for the Borneo International Marathon. Yup! This year, I'll be joining the BIM again with the rest of my running buddies.

While running, I've bumped with a few friends who are training for the BIM also. One of them is Rita. I'm so happy to meet her. She give me hope, inspiration & courage which I really need right now.

Then, the best part is I meet "Wong Wong'. I always saw him with his owner at Tun Fuad during weekends. This time I have the chance running with him.


Isn't he cute??? Yay! I heart Wong Wong :D


Another 16 days to BIM! Another 16 days to my longest run ever in my life! Well, this is another mess I've gotten myself into. Never mind, I'll just keep playing the words, what Jipp used to said to me before, in my head over & over again.....Be Dumb Just Run!!!


JIPP said...

Good luck Ulai.. I am a big supporter of yours. Yeah, just be dumb and run like the wind... :-)

ULAI said...

Thank you Jipp! See you on the finish line on the 2nd May :D