Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally, the time has come...

Are you ready??? Errkkk I guess so....hantam saja la :-p


Received a few final race advise from one of my marathon buddies this morning and I would like to shared it here. It sounds like this:

Rather then keep repeating ^_^, better i just email, less then 48 hours to go

1. Sleep a lot tonight, tomorrow night you will be most likely 'worried' 'scared' 'excited' to sleep

2. Pin your race number(front/back) tonite, set aside your shoe, socks, jersey, fav underware, watches

3. Tie your timing chips to your shoes tonite

4. Don't eat anything new, don't use anything new

5. Have a plan and stick to it

6. Take one last look at your starting time and race course

7. You don't need to wear extra clothing at Stadium, the hot spot lights are on from 3.30am to keep you warm

8. Warm up, walk a few laps

9. Don't go crazy at the first 2km , stick to the plan, let all the headless chickens run full speed first

10. SMILE for the cameras, you don't want people tag you on face book looking at your shoes or watch

11. Drink at water stations

12. SMILE and look forward at the finish line, you might want to buy the photo :)

13. Have Fun!!!!

Thanks a lot CY! My favourite is no. 10 & no. 12 &
headless chickens. Haha!!!

and I add there:



I'll see you guys when I see you this Sunday :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

Flora, Fauna & Friends

The final weekend before the BIM is spend with them....

flowers & dried leaves



my NB & flowers


the tree with flowers


'be responsible for your environment' **Alice WWF**


Alice & April **they have something in common :D**


black clouds hanging over Kota Kinabalu


apa bangsa bunga nie? **ada makna tersirat si noorainee :D**



BIM sticker convo


maliau basin convo **they have something in common also :D**


house hunting at 'shang'


discover Nasi Briyani **the taste is quite nice actually** at Donggongon


Alice & her favourite repetition of '28'


Rocky who caused 2 giggling girls not to come out from the car. He's harmless but quite smelly!


And I love every moment spend with them. Even though I'm getting nervous as the BIM getting close.

The only few things I can do right now is carbo-load, get enough sleep, pray (kunun) and hope that I can finish the race and still in good condition to hangout with my friends after that.

Okay guys! Where we should hangout after the race??? :D

**In the meantime, don't forget our carbo-load date this coming Friday okay...hehe**

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Give EARTH a Hand

i want clean air

i want food without destruction

i want water without pollution

i want our rainforests intact

i want to keep our oceans alive

and our polar seas pristine

i want an energy revolution

give Earth a hand

Friday, April 16, 2010

One fine Sunday at Tun Fuad Stephen's Park

Last Sunday morning, I did my long run training at Tun Fuad Stephen's Park for my 3rd race for the Borneo International Marathon. Yup! This year, I'll be joining the BIM again with the rest of my running buddies.

While running, I've bumped with a few friends who are training for the BIM also. One of them is Rita. I'm so happy to meet her. She give me hope, inspiration & courage which I really need right now.

Then, the best part is I meet "Wong Wong'. I always saw him with his owner at Tun Fuad during weekends. This time I have the chance running with him.


Isn't he cute??? Yay! I heart Wong Wong :D


Another 16 days to BIM! Another 16 days to my longest run ever in my life! Well, this is another mess I've gotten myself into. Never mind, I'll just keep playing the words, what Jipp used to said to me before, in my head over & over again.....Be Dumb Just Run!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ranau Gong's Tune

Last Saturday, I went to the Hongkod Koisaan (Unity Hall) to attend a wedding reception which involving family, relatives & friends from Ranau, Penampang & Keningau. The groom is from Kg Marakau, Ranau which happens to be my kampong also.

marakau weds

One of the performances during the wedding reception is the Gong Beating. And my kampong people have been given the privilege to play the Ranau's tune. I have the chance to record them playing the local instrument. Here is their performance:

End of the day, I'm glad & happy to see some familiar faces from my kampong. Makes me feel at home. Of course, the 'bonus' question will always come out one way or another. But I understand, they just care too much about me :D

Friday, April 09, 2010

The Sound of the Forest – Maliau Basin

One of my own personal best moments at Maliau Basin would be the early morning sounds of the forest...

The first morning at Ginseng Camp

The second morning at Ginseng Camp

I wish I can hear them every time I wake up every morning, everyday of my life. Because I feel Peace, I feel Love, I feel Happy. Yeah I know I’m asking too much from God. Until then…..