Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Day Has Come At Last

Yes, the day has come at last since the scenery on this postcard captured my heart.


A friend gave it to me during my matriculation study since she know that I love to collect postcards. And I have used them as my bookmark on my reference books. Nowadays, I stick them on my bedroom's wall and also on my office's wall to prevent them become in the same condition as this particular postcard...hehehe


I try my best to control my excitement, but I still feel like there are ten million fireflies lit up the world around me for these past few days :D

For every trip that I went, I will pick up a song as the soundtrack (kunun la) which would help me to flashback on those precious memories every time i hear the song playing again. Therefore, I declared to myself that the 'Fireflies' by the Owl City will be the soundtrack for this trip :D

you would not believe your eyes
if ten million fireflies
lit up the world as i feel asleep...


boss said...

na tau suda tu lagu? hari tu nda tau sia tanya hehe..

anyway, si Jordan pun suka tu lagu.. sia slalu nyanyi sama dia.. tp selalu kalau kami start nyanyi, si Jewel terus tepuk tangan suru kami berhenti :P

ULAI said...

hahaha lucu ohh si jewel! ya boss sy tau sdh. skali sy dingar di radio, trus sy sukaaa nie. trus sy teringat yg ko ada ckp si jordan pun suka tu lagu fireflies. trus bila di maliau basin, sy asyik mencari fireflies sj. ada juga la sikit2. tapi tdk sebanyak di klias beaufort. ingat mau nyanyi tu lagu sama2 dorang. hehehe!