Monday, January 11, 2010

Sandakan Sepilok Nature Marathon 2009 – Post run

On 22nd November, 2009, 5.30 a.m. at Kompleks Sukan Sandakan, my first experience of running half marathon at a new place (with a few slopes) started. And I have these five (5) precious pictures to prove it, which is taken using my handphone’s 1MP camera.

In the middle of running, I saw those awesome granite hills and I stop dead on my track ! Actually, I have reached my 'wall' where I cannot run further anymore. Still those granite looks so beautiful as the sun shine on them...

Edited 1

Then I just want to give up running and just collapsed there and now. So what I did is taking silly pictures of me.

First attempt:

Edited 2

Second attempt:

Edited 3

Third attempt:

Edited 5

Fourth attempt:

Edited 4

Not bad for some 1MP handphone camera yaa! Hmmm can use it again for the next marathon when I reached that 'wall' again.

Okay, I think I can still run slowly and catch-up with CY. The cold 100plus is waiting for me at the finish line.

Finishing time: 2:42 hours
Weather: Bright sunny day
Type of track: Straight road and three slopes (i think) with a few extra smells/unique views along the road :D

Do I want to run the Sandakan half-marathon again this year? Definitely & Positively!!!

"It doesn't help to visualize a perfect race. It's better to play out bad situations in your mind and figure out a way out of them so you'll be ready. - Bernard Lagat, 2008


JIPP said...

wahhh. cantik jg gambar2 ko ambil pakai handfon ni Ulai. Sa langsung tida ambil gambar. telampau besar hp sa. hehe. Nway, no thanks suda la mangkali ni Sepilok run ni.. tida rata..hehe

ULAI said...

bah ko JKR kan jipp, p kasi rata tu jalan wahahaha!!! alaaa this year klu ko tdk join sdh, kurang la satu kwn mau re-match/mengulu nie ahh...hehehe

anee said...

..e e eleh..

Anonymous said...

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enrike said...

hi I am Jerry from KL. as i was checking out for runs in sabah esp sandakan dan tawau i popped into your blog. Unfortunately i can't find any runs on in sandakan or tawau. By the way, do you know any runs in these 2 places during end of this year or in 2014?? BTW, I am an avid runner myself, most of the time doing 10km runs, may be next year will be my first 21km. anyway you can contact me via Regards.