Monday, January 11, 2010

Sandakan Sepilok Nature Marathon 2009 – Post run

On 22nd November, 2009, 5.30 a.m. at Kompleks Sukan Sandakan, my first experience of running half marathon at a new place (with a few slopes) started. And I have these five (5) precious pictures to prove it, which is taken using my handphone’s 1MP camera.

In the middle of running, I saw those awesome granite hills and I stop dead on my track ! Actually, I have reached my 'wall' where I cannot run further anymore. Still those granite looks so beautiful as the sun shine on them...

Edited 1

Then I just want to give up running and just collapsed there and now. So what I did is taking silly pictures of me.

First attempt:

Edited 2

Second attempt:

Edited 3

Third attempt:

Edited 5

Fourth attempt:

Edited 4

Not bad for some 1MP handphone camera yaa! Hmmm can use it again for the next marathon when I reached that 'wall' again.

Okay, I think I can still run slowly and catch-up with CY. The cold 100plus is waiting for me at the finish line.

Finishing time: 2:42 hours
Weather: Bright sunny day
Type of track: Straight road and three slopes (i think) with a few extra smells/unique views along the road :D

Do I want to run the Sandakan half-marathon again this year? Definitely & Positively!!!

"It doesn't help to visualize a perfect race. It's better to play out bad situations in your mind and figure out a way out of them so you'll be ready. - Bernard Lagat, 2008