Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009 & my 29th Birthday

Before Christmas, my holiday started with this:


And end up with having a gastric and minor hangover which I really regret. Lesson learned: Don't drink too much wine for the first time if you haven't drink alcohol for quite some time. Take it slow and steady!

On Christmas Day, I went to St Peter Clever Church to attend mass.


And end up with family and relatives gathering.

The night before my birthday, I open a bottle of champagne of Asti Martini and drink it with my family. We really like the taste of the champagne that I plan to buy it again when the opportunity arrived :D


Early morning of 28 December 2009, I went for an easy jog and walk at my Kampong Marakau's road which is still under construction. I want to have my own time to reflect back on my 29 years of living in this world. When I come back, my hair, my clothes and my shoes is full of dust and I can taste the dirt in my mouth . So much for having your own time during your birthday....wahahahaha!!!


But still I am content and thanks to God for I am still breathing and living a healthy and happy life until today. My feeling is just like the clear bright weather that morning with the sun shinning beautifully on the Mt Kinabalu.


Then, after that I'm busy cleaning my mother's bedroom & our old house.

That evening, I play with my dogs like I usually do everyday during my holiday. My dog, Tiger:


And I have a new puppy and I haven't give him a name yet. I think I'll give that privilege to my three (3) nephews.


Finally, I end my birthday with having a cup of Misai Kucing Tea which my mom plant it herself in the backyard. The tea has many good benefits for our body.


All in all, I have celebrated Christmas and my birthday in a way that I always home, with my dearest mom and with my family. Cheers to a blessed life ahead of us :D


Anee Jamal said...

..hermm..mau pesan ka tu..???

JIPP said...

hehe. yg ko pi kacau2 projek kamu tu kenapa? tunggu la dia siap dlu ba. hehe.

ULAI said...

anee jamal! otak anda sangat bergeliga! bah mcm biasa ahh geng...hehehe! jipp, kaki sy gatal bah mau p kacau di kala usia lanjut. hampir 20 thn sdh kami org2 kg marakau menunggu nie, akhirnya kami terasa juga jln raya berturap dgn tar...hahaha!!! bah, lepas siap, buli la sdh korang dtg jln2 di 'Agnes Sapati House' hehe..

Jeff said...

wah ulai, the view from your kampung looks nice! maybe 1 day can bring Jordan/Jewel there and enjoy the fresh air!

ULAI said...

thanks bos! sure! u can bring them when the road is fixed nicely and not camel trophy road anymore...hehehe