Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sandakan Sepilok Nature Marathon 2009

My next half-marathon race would be the Sandakan Sepilok Nature Marathon 2009 on the 22 November, this coming Sunday, which start at 5.30 a.m. at Kompleks Sukan Sandakan.


This is my first time running at different place and an unknown route. Four (4) days to go to kick some ass and to aim for the bicycle and to Sukau and to meet Germany...YAY! My Life is never much better than this

my kind of bicycle :D

I don't run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet. - Nadia Comaneci

Monday, November 16, 2009

My BIM 2009 Journey

You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming. " - Frank Shorter


Yup! you're right there Frank Shorter! I have to forget the experience of running 21 km in the previous BIM 2008 before I endured another 21 km at BIM 2009.

It's all started with the Pasta Party the night before the race.


I have ate a lot of those delicious pasta, spaghetti, mini pizza, etc until I can feel my belly is 3 months pregnant. I'm hoping that those high-carbo foods will help me in my run the next day.


The Sabah Tourism have arranged a few local cultural performance especially for the runners from foreign country. They are the most sporting bunch of runners as they happily dancing with the performers.

The next morning, when I woke up around 3 am, there's no electricity on my house. Luckily, I already prepared my breakfast the night before. My usual breakfast preference for my running day would be brown rice with few slice of sausage and of course bananas. I'm having my pre-race breakfast under a romantic candle's light, thanks to the electricity ration that's been going for few nights already at my house's area.

mother's love
Mother's love is worth more than everything

I didn't take picture on the starting of the race. Only after the race, I managed to take pictures of my happily and proud running buddies with their finisher medal. And I'm glad I'm there to share their joyous moment. Only those who have run the marathon know how great is the feeling after crossing the finish line.


Alice in the Wonderland & second medal! Look at those killer eyes!

Ani & Aziz: their first half-marathon medal

CY in his second half-marathon race. Are you trying to say something there? Where is my medal? :D

Herman, NB & second medal!

NB will always be my favorite running shoes! :D

Jipp with his first half-marathon medal. Read his first time experience in running a half-marathon here!

Steven's smiley happy face with his first half-marathon medal!

Lena with her first half-marathon medal in the Running to the Sky Part 2!

Nancy, Jiki, Shaun & Alis. You guys rock!!!

ulai finish
2:24:53...thanks uji for challenging me! your words keep me aiming for that finish line! so when you're getting back on track? i'm waiting....

After the run, we have used the free legs massage coupon for runner sponsored by the Lifestyle Reflexology & Shiatsu Therapy Centre.

That feels so good!

leg's size scale
Kirim salam sama kaki paling kurus!

My most precious picture of the day would be the one I took with the Kenyan runners. I saw them when I went to car park to pick some stuff from my car.


They are not running for themselves alone, but for their family, their people and their country. I have read few articles and stories in the internet and Runner's World Magazine about how they train for marathon and at the same time try to survive from their tribal war. And the prize money that they won usually go for their community and for their running expenses. Their amazing stories have shown to me that we can do anything in life if we really work hard for it even in a worst situation. For me, they are my idol and my inspiration in running.

ulai plastic

unite for greener sabah
Unite for a Greener Sabah.
Go Green! together we give back to nature since nature has given us much more! buy the t-shirt from alice (ecila.mathew@gmail.com) with very affordable price of RM20 only and please help to sign the anti-coal petition!

Of course, have lost a few kg and dreaming of having a great and toned body (like jilian) are also part of my reasons to keep running. And recently, I found this article saying that Running is the Best Anti-Aging Solution! So you people out there who want to stay young, happy & healthy...lace your shoes, go out there, RUN and never look back!