Friday, August 28, 2009

Running is the Best Burn Calories

Exercise &
Calories Burned

Running (10-minute pace) = 100 calories
Cycling = 90 calories
Swimming = 79 calories
Aerobics = 79 calories
Weight Lifting = 68 calories
Walking = 43 calories

Although running is a killer calorie burner, everything you do burns calories. With the following tweaks to just a few of your daily activities, you can burn an extra 800 calories.

Activity & Calories Burned

Add 15 minutes of floor exercises (crunches, leg lifts, back exercises) to a workout = 130 calories
After an easy run, jump rope for 10 minutes = 100 calories
Add 15 minutes of stretching to a workout = 45 calories

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Selamat Hari Merdeka Yang Ke-52!!!

"If I don't get to run, the world knows it. When I do run everything seems to go better. Running somehow, someway has a knack at making the bad things seem a little less bad and the good things a whole lot better. Who needs shrinks? Just lace 'em up and run. . ."

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