Saturday, January 24, 2009

My BIM 2008 Journey

After few of my friends ask me whether I'm still training for the BIM, I'm slowly getting the meaning behind their questions.
An abandoned blog!!!

My answer is: I'm not training anymore but I'm sleeping a lot nowadays. A lot until I nearly forget my login and password for my blog.

So here goes my ancient story:

On the race day itself (12th October 2008), I wake up as early as 3.00 a.m to get ready for the race. My source of energy consist of one bowl of red rice, two sosej and 2 cans of Gatorade. And another 2 cans of it on the way right before the race.

my Race No: G804

Before the race start, we managed to take picture with the soon to be winners of the BIM, the unbeatable Kenyans. Kenyans are the always favourite winners of almost every marathon race in the world. We managed to get few tips from them about marathon bcoz they are so friendly. Way the go guys!!!

the kenyans (courtesy of alis camera)

After few minutes warming up, we, the Half Marathon Runners started our race at 6.00 a.m. sharp. The Full Marathon Runners started their run at 4.30 a.m. Two of my super iron colleagues are in that category.

ujie, ulai & alis (before the war) - courtesy of Julian camera

I'm so damn nervous till my heart beat so fast and I can feel butterflies flying around in my stomach. And I keep feeling like going to the toilet. Luckily I didn't fainted before the race. I'm trying so hard to not to show my fear in front of my friends. Once I have this thought to pull back from the race, but I keep saying to myself, I have to do this before I reach 30. Hahaha! So much for motivation ahh...

i try to beat the bald guy eventho only a few seconds...haha!!! (courtesy of ani camera)

After so much struggle which I never struggle so much before in my entire life, I have finished my 21 km running from Stadium Likas to Sutera Harbour to Traffic Light Tanjung Aru and back in 2 hours 47 minutes and 57 seconds and the most important thing is that I'm still ALIVE!!!

alive & proudly happy!!!

Right after arrived at the finish line, the first thing in my mind is to look for cold 100 plus drinks. I think I drink one can of 100 plus and I lost count of the cold milo cups. Want to know why...I have to pay for the 100 plus but the milo is free. Hahaha!!! And the second thing is of course is to look my friends. So much for a friend. Hehe!

milo station

Here are the happy proudly faces of us after the race. The photos are clearly enough to describe our feelings that day...

one company one unity :-P

chombi with the muscle. i tell you she is a real amazing runner!!!

After the race, all the runners have been given free massage by one of the shop in Tanjung Aru, in a way to promote their business. The massage feel like you're in heaven after the long tired run.

free massage

busy taking picture of the race's result

Thank you to the BIM 2008 organizer for their wonderful effort on organizing such a prestigious event. Such an eye opener for us Sabahan!!! Thanks rock!!!

my dear NB (you & me have been thru a lot)

All and all, running in a marathon race is beyond description and beyond imagination. You only will know when you try yourself. So hope to see you guys in the BIM 2009! And also hope to see myself in a marathon race again! Haha! Cayo! Cayo!

friends in running (courtesy of mslamau)


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uji said...

OMG ! Mcm basi sudah ni story. Hahahahahahha... Kalau lost weight masa tu BIM, sekarang mmg sudah gain all the weight back! Wahahaha..

Anyway, congrats!

ULAI said...

tumbuk kamu semua :-P....wahahahaha!!!

Sindut said...

Nice one... KUDOS to you all!

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ULAI said...

finally....insaf...kakakakak!!! thanks Sindut!!!

Shan said...

Hi there! Great feature on BIM08 and very happy to have you with us :)

Keen to take on the challenge for 09? A full marathon perhaps? Hehe registrations are now open.

Have a great day ahead and happy running :D