Friday, January 30, 2009

Manikar Beach Resort, Labuan

Recently I went to Labuan for half day working trip. Turn into one whole day when something happen later that day.


My first time to go on board the MASwings on my outbound journey to Labuan. This small plane got this 2 huge fans on the left and the right. I'm like this school girl who in her first time boarded this kind of plane. Haha!

mas wings

Later, I thought my heart just drop into the sea when the plane dropping up and down like nobody business. It's raining and there so many clouds that time. Worst, the person sitting beside me is snoring while I'm praying hard for my life. If the stewardess was not looking, I would record him snoring with my camera. Hehehe!!!

labuan map

The Labuan War Cemetery and the Marine Museum. Those are the two places that I would like to visit someday.

love the ceiling (labuan airport)

I supposed to fly back to KK in the afternoon but because of the continuous bad weather since morning, my flight has been delayed until night. I have no idea what I'm going to do while waiting for my next flight. Since it's raining cats and dogs, sightseeing is out of question. Luckily I meet these few businessman from KL. They inform me that the MAS should provide us with hotel, return taxi to hotel and meals. I thought I only have to claim for my meals. When they claim theirs, I also claim mine. At least I can sleep at the hotel while waiting for my next flight. The MAS gave us Manikar Beach Resort.

front manikar
the reception area

From there, my small adventure start in exploring the resort. Starting from the room and finally to the beach. The room is not bad at all. Only its lack of toiletry facility for such a known resort. And some of the lamp switch is not functioning. But the balcony have such a nice view of the sea. I'm so exciting to go to the beach till i forget to take picture of the view from my room's balcony. Damn!!!


I think the resort's landscape need to reconstruct. Maybe put some light and colorful flowers. Hehe!!!


Nobody at the outside of the restaurant. Sure everybody is inside because of the lousy weather. But for me, the weather is a blessing. A blessing that give me opportunity to explore the resort even though only for a few hours.

eating area

The resort looks like the deserted resort because it looks quiet and spooky. Seem like only few of us there. You only can hear the sounds of the strong wind and the wave from the sea.

silent resort

But the beach have a nice view if not of the dark cloudy weather. With the strong wind and the rough sea, it sure take your breath away.

the sea

I even record the beautiful combination sound of the strong wind and the rough sea.

Can play volleyball on the beach.


And football also.


The exotic bar in the middle of the resort.


The trees blew by the wind.


The swimming pool.


A place where you can relax while enjoying the sea view.


Then, me with the rough sea behind me. Seems like my self-taking picture become a habit nowadays. I say this habit is quite useful when there is nobody around to take your picture. Or nobody want to take your picture. Right Jen??? Hahaha!


And of course not forgotten my precious souvenir all the way from Labuan. This will not classify you as a drinker - drink responsibly! Hehe!!!

(One taste and I'm sure you'll want another sip :D)

So next time if your flight is delay, maybe something good will come out from it. Just cross your finger ;o)


ta66y said... kali ko betul2 adventure sorang2...kanapa indak call si turtle...ko pun satu. buli jugak dia kasi kawan ko minum tu sheridans...mwuahahahaha!

ur recording of strong wind & rough sea looked & sounded scary...lain kali ko jan p jln sorang2 tau esp in tat kind of weather condition...nih lah nih terlampau berani...tsk tsk tsk!

ULAI said...

si turtle busy bah!!! hehe!!!

uina siok kan the weather!!! mcm sy di lost island saja. mcm sy rasa mau terbang sama2 tu angin. sy suka la tu bunyi laut. trus sy rasa berbaloi sy punya flight delay, berbaloi sy sakit belakang duduk lama2 di airport. kakakakakak!!!!!

C-Rett said...

Ulai...Manikar Beach resort IS haunted. Kebanyakan activity di sana tu cuma Day activitiy tu.... tiada org sanggup stay sana... sudah la di pisuk2 labuan... yer... ur pics mmg nampak dark and gloomy + ugly weather... itu weather TIDAK siok... bikin takut ko ni Ulai... :) yang tu sheridans tu hehehe sesuai...

Anonymous said...

There should be stingray, baby sharks and many sea cucumber :-D

I miss the place ;-)

JelitaLovely Sam said...

Tq sudi kongsi cerita.enda pernh pi labuan.dlu pernh mo menginap manikar resort canti viewnya.tpi bikin takut ko punya crta.enda jadi la errŕrr...