Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Despatch Girl

Nowadays, I'm so busy with my new part time job until I don't have time for blogging.

The Despatch Girl

**Photo courtesy of CY camera phone and the photographer himself**

Thanks CY for the interesting lunch yet informative one.
Thanks JO & Corn for being the 'full of sense humour' lunch companions.
Thanks to the chef at Kedai Kopi Kou Man for preparing the most delicious ko lo mein and fish soup.


Tradewind said...

your welcome

Jurra said...

ewahhh... pandainya cari kerja baru aah... Lesen tarak.. mo bawak motor..!

Bah.. nanti jgn lupa antar posto aku pi KL ah! Makesure BYHAND!