Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kuala Penyu

According from one of the locals, Kuala Penyu used to become a place where the turtles come to lay their eggs. That’s where they get the name ‘Kuala Penyu’. But because of the disturbance from human beings, they don’t come anymore. Which I find very sad. If the turtles were being protected from the early, Kuala Penyu sure will become one of the known tourist and research centre attraction place in Sabah.

Penyu (Malay) = Turtle

Turtle eggs are of course the main reason for the human beings for not leaving the turtles in peace. Honestly, I used to become one of the those greedy and don't-care-much person myself ..ehem.. ehem..you know what I meant but now I have change for the better and learn to appreciate the turtles. So guys don’t ever eat and buy the turtles eggs! If not, whenever you go the sea, I bet they will give you away to the sharks.

The turtle reminds me of someone…hahaha!

Nonetheless, Kuala Penyu is still a perfect place to spend your weekends just to get away from the hectic city and the work life which I did recently.

The beach is so beautiful and I can’t resist jog in the early dawn while watching the first light of the day.

The sand is so soft under my bare legs and seems that all my worries just been blew away by the fresh ocean wind from the South Chinese Sea.

Pingu is my jogging companion that morning and he also loves the beach so much until he left me behind and look for foods. Hmm!


While jogging, I saw many sea shells on the beach with their unique shape and colour.

And some of this shell can be eat. Sea shell is one of the special delicacies of Kuala Penyu. One of the shell types that I have chance to try is called ‘Remis’ by the locals there. We just boil it with water and put a lot of gingers. Yummy! The shell is so damn delicious and the soup is sweet. And because it’s so damn delicious, I steal some of them, bring back to Kota Kinabalu and finish them all by myself until at one time I can hear the ocean wave in my ear already. Thanks Pilma for waking up early in the morning just to collect the ‘Remis’ at the beach for us.


Before I left for my next destination, I play with Atama and he really doesn’t like to be in front of my camera. Already a few attempts and scratches on my hands but still he doesn’t want to give me nice shots of him. This cat is really snobbish but still I find him different from other cat I meet before. Which is really out of the ordinary for me who don’t like cat at all.

The cat with blue ocean eyes

Recently, he nearly died because he followed his owner to the beach without the owner’s knowledge and on the way he is attacked by three (3) fierce dogs. He is saved by their Good Samaritan neighbor and being treated until he’s well enough to be return to his owner. I feel so sad when I hear the story. But he is a strong cat and he survived the attack. He’s is a sole survivor!

After the sun is up enough, we went to the small but nice Kuala Penyu town to buy some necessary things for our next destination. What special about the town is that they still have those old wood shops.

And the folks there are quite friendly as we asking around on how to go to the survivor island. Their face expression tells me that they think that I’m a lost tourist from far away country with my fake blond hair, dark red skin bcoz of too much sun exposure, too big backpack for my small size and so busy taking pictures. Little they know that I’m just an ordinary Dusun girl from Ranau. Wait until they hear me speak in Dusun…haha! By the way, the local dialect at Kuala Penyu is Tatana which I find totally different from Dusun and I can’t catch even one word.

Of course now, you can’t find turtles anymore at Kuala Penyu but the place still visited by tourists all the time. Why?

Pulau Tiga from afar

Because Kuala Penyu is playing the major role in connecting local and foreign tourists to the famous island which hosted the first episode of United States reality show called ‘Survivor’ in year 2000 and aired later that year on CBS. And there is exactly where I am heading next :-D

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Despatch Girl

Nowadays, I'm so busy with my new part time job until I don't have time for blogging.

The Despatch Girl

**Photo courtesy of CY camera phone and the photographer himself**

Thanks CY for the interesting lunch yet informative one.
Thanks JO & Corn for being the 'full of sense humour' lunch companions.
Thanks to the chef at Kedai Kopi Kou Man for preparing the most delicious ko lo mein and fish soup.