Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yellow Bus

During Chinese New Year holiday, I went back to hometown and I took this new T.U.T bus to Ranau. The fare is RM15 only for one way.

What I like most about this new bus is of course the colour. YELLOW! Recently, I have this thing with any yellow things especially with vehicles. I think most probably it’s got to do with this so called ‘shell petrol infatuated brand’ or whatever.

Made to move ulai!

Anyway, inside the bus is not bad at all. Fully air-conditioned and the seat is nice and comfortable. They have place to rest your legs some more.

Hmmm…one thing I realized is that when the bus is going up the hill, I run faster than him. I reached Ranau 3 hours later. But most importantly as the famous Malay quote said: biar lambat asal selamat!



ta66y said...

ulai made to eat, sleep & b lazy ada lah but made 2 move...r u sure boss?!?


Lenny M P said...

There u r ulai !
I've finally found your blog!
How small the internet world is..

It's Lenny here.. ur kampung mate !

So.. now u have an online dairy ya?
bah... palan2 kau ah.. does the other marakau geng knows ur online dairy ?

tell la... hehehee..

Unknown said...

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