Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Message from Planet Citizens

For the first time in my life, I get the chance to contribute my voice in a song. Even I’m just talking and not singing, it’s good to hear your own voice playing from an mp3 player. Thank goodness that I’m not singing bcoz if not, a big thunder storm will hit Sabah and it’s all my fault.

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Planets Citizens General Info:

Member Since
Band Website
Band Members: Alexei (Belgium) music, lyrics, programming, synths, guitars, vocals
Guest Voices:
-Yvy Demina (Germany)

- Zdenka Jun (Belgium)
- Heather (Scotland)
- Geaven (China)
- Mel (France)
- Agnes (Malaysia)
- Valentin (Belgium)
Guest Musicians: Terence: Keys (Cyan Inc. - Germany)

For more about this musician, please go to

Trust me! This man is good in what he's doing and you should visit his site to listen on some of the songs he created.

My thanks go to:

Lisa – my manager: for giving me this opportunity to feel the moment of an artist :-P

Alexei - for giving me the chance to contribute my Sabahan message in one of his song

Sharon & David – my friends/colleague: for guiding me on the kadazan wording as my kadazan is over the mountain :D

Jeffrey - my blogging teacher: for providing me the html embedded coding so that I can boost around in my blog...hehe!

And at last but not least to my only fan/supporter – Jen as she sit patiently beside me in the office when I play the track over and over again…seem like 10,000 time already. Hopefully she won't smack down my speaker in the end. Hahaha!

** Hi! Ngaan zou nopo nga ih Agnesia. Mantad Malaysia. Bangsa zou nopo nga Kadazan om mantad nogi zou ih Planet Citizens. Osonong kopio! **


ta66y said...

perasan o kau kan...tsk tsk tsk...was i really that patient wt ur overplayed song? hahaha!

ULAI said...

hahaha! thank you for not 'smack down' my speaker!