Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tag 4 (FloM): 8 random facts about Ulai

I have been tag by Story Mory one month ago. Hopefully this is my last assignment for this year…pheww!

So here are my 8 random facts about myself:

  1. Food lovers and always look forward to taste different and exotic foods. Rice of course is a must especially the rice made from ‘beras kampung’. Nyaman!

  1. I think I’m quite friendly (or hmm…maybe too noisy). I talks a lot and my story never end one. Except when I’m sleeping. Or dead…

  1. Adventurous! During free time, I love doing outdoors activities especially mountain climbing, jungle trekking, etc. These activities really make me more happy and healthy besides eating. Of course, with the exception of few cuts and bruises there and there.

  1. Traveling is my no. 2 hit list after outdoors stuff. Always watch the Globe Trekker. Got the idea for my blog’s name from there.

  1. Nearly drowned during Uni time. The after-effect of the incident makes me an Aqua-Phobia person. But now I try to overcome my fear by taking swimming class and recently went for water rafting at Padas River. But until now, I’m still better in sinking than floating in the water. Hmmm!

  1. My dream: diving at Sipadan and meet face to face with the turtles and the barracuda there. Firstly I have to improve my confidence level by taking extra swimming class (don’t know how many that would be), always visit swimming pool and save some money for the diving license which is really expensive. Hopefully in the end, I can swim and dives like the dolphins. Flippers…no thanks!

  1. When I travel or doing my outdoors stuffs, I like to take pictures as many as I can even the pictures turn to be totally different from the real things. I’m not a pro photographer, not going to be ever. Because I just realized that I don’t have the passion of a photographer. The pictures I took just for fun and maybe in the future, my future children, grandchildren, great grand children, etc will have some idea that their grandma can’t sit still one :-P

  1. I’m contented and happy with my life right now as I have everything from a nice freaking family and ‘full of sense humor’ friends to heavenly meal everyday. One of my friends used to say: If you always feel contented with your life, you live longer. Hopefully I live longer.

The end….

Actually, there’s more about myself than the 8 facts above….but I’ll keep it for myself and to anybody who close to me. Cheers! ;-)


jimctang said...

great, you own a very eventful blog. landscaping photo while treking are not easy ones, but certainly attractive. hope to see more of your works soon.

ulai said...

thanks jimctang for your words of wisdom! i really appreciate it. :)

Al said...

You know what... We both share one common thing. Food Lover. I love almost any kind of food... Except those exotic food (of course!) :)

ulai said...

i'll tell you al...exotic food is nicer than normal food. they have more nutrition. good for your health. hehe!