Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007 & Happy New Year 2008

Borneo Trekker would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas 2007 & Happy New Year 2008! God Bless!

Osodu tomod te mantad Ranau! Momo giak nopolah...Kotobian Do Tadau Krismas om Toun Wagu! :-D

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tag 4 (FloM): 8 random facts about Ulai

I have been tag by Story Mory one month ago. Hopefully this is my last assignment for this year…pheww!

So here are my 8 random facts about myself:

  1. Food lovers and always look forward to taste different and exotic foods. Rice of course is a must especially the rice made from ‘beras kampung’. Nyaman!

  1. I think I’m quite friendly (or hmm…maybe too noisy). I talks a lot and my story never end one. Except when I’m sleeping. Or dead…

  1. Adventurous! During free time, I love doing outdoors activities especially mountain climbing, jungle trekking, etc. These activities really make me more happy and healthy besides eating. Of course, with the exception of few cuts and bruises there and there.

  1. Traveling is my no. 2 hit list after outdoors stuff. Always watch the Globe Trekker. Got the idea for my blog’s name from there.

  1. Nearly drowned during Uni time. The after-effect of the incident makes me an Aqua-Phobia person. But now I try to overcome my fear by taking swimming class and recently went for water rafting at Padas River. But until now, I’m still better in sinking than floating in the water. Hmmm!

  1. My dream: diving at Sipadan and meet face to face with the turtles and the barracuda there. Firstly I have to improve my confidence level by taking extra swimming class (don’t know how many that would be), always visit swimming pool and save some money for the diving license which is really expensive. Hopefully in the end, I can swim and dives like the dolphins. Flippers…no thanks!

  1. When I travel or doing my outdoors stuffs, I like to take pictures as many as I can even the pictures turn to be totally different from the real things. I’m not a pro photographer, not going to be ever. Because I just realized that I don’t have the passion of a photographer. The pictures I took just for fun and maybe in the future, my future children, grandchildren, great grand children, etc will have some idea that their grandma can’t sit still one :-P

  1. I’m contented and happy with my life right now as I have everything from a nice freaking family and ‘full of sense humor’ friends to heavenly meal everyday. One of my friends used to say: If you always feel contented with your life, you live longer. Hopefully I live longer.

The end….

Actually, there’s more about myself than the 8 facts above….but I’ll keep it for myself and to anybody who close to me. Cheers! ;-)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Tag 3 (from Yati): My Most Embarrassing Moment

After 1000 reminders from Yati for the past 2 here goes one of my biggest secret of all...hehe!

Once upon a time, there are seven (7) close friends (hereafter called ‘Sevens’) who studying in one of the local university. Their friendship started from a residential college in the Uni, where they all meet for the first time.

During one of the semester break, the Sevens didn’t go back to their hometown and just wasting their time at the hostel by sleeping, eating and bugging each other. Normally, during semester break, the college’s cafeteria will close. So the Sevens will go out and eat or just ‘tapau’ anywhere outside of the college.

One day, two of the Sevens (hereafter called U & J) have been assigned to ‘tapau’ KFC for the Sevens. J has a motorcycle, so the two of them ride the motorcycle and went out to do their important mission. In the middle of the journey, every time any motorists pass by them (as they are driving in the slow lane), they will look back and smiling at them. J (the driver) feels strange and she thought that all the motorists are admiring her beauty. U (the passenger) just ignored them and think they are such a jerk…in the middle of the busy highway also want to flirt!

Then, came this one proton saga and the driver also look, smiling and honking some more at them. U & J started to get pissed off already. Suddenly, the driver put one of his hands to his head and taps his head few times while smiling at them. Then J wondering to herself what the hell is wrong with their head. Suddenly she just feel like looking back just for 1 second and she did. What she saw really shocked her like hell and nearly she can’t control the motorcycle. J quickly made an emergency turn to the next junction. Then she parked their motorcycle beside the road and burst out laughing like her chess will come out any soon. U who’s sit behind her didn’t understand what’s so funny about. Their conversation goes like this:

J: hahahahahaha!….(laughing out loud and try to balance their motorcycle at the same time)

U: what’s so funny?

J: your helmet…hahahahaha! you nearly caused us accident.

U: my helmet! (looking blur and U touched her helmet)

J: you wearing your helmet in the wrong way (malay translation: helmet ko terbalik la)

U: is it? no wonder I feel the helmet so tight. just like sandwich…hahahahaha! (U’s face is getting red like the chili)

J: i thought all the motorists just now smiling at us because we are beautiful…..hahahahaha! how come you wearing your helmet in the wrong way?

U: maybe I’m too excited about eating KFC until I forget how to wear it…it’s been ages since I eat KFC…hahahahaha! ‘malunya saya’…drop my ‘water face’ ohhh!

J: hahahahahha!

Then, after U arranging her helmet in the right way, they continue with their journey and their KFC mission. Once back to the hostel, J told the Sevens about the incident. And within few minutes all of them already started rolling their body at the floor and laughing until they feel want to die already except U. She already hiding under the bed and feel like don’t want to go out forever. But still one of her hands is holding one of the KFC drumsticks, eating and watching all her friends laughing like there is no tomorrow. **Godoat ohh!

**Godoat = loves to eat

Guess whose U? Hahaha!

Until now, my Uni friends still remember about the incident. They even still talked and laughing about it every time we meet. Exactly like after a nuclear explosion, the radiation still linger around…what an impact!

Anyway, the incident really makes our friendship closer than ever.

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Lesson of the day: Before riding a motorcycle, for your safety: please wear helmet and for your dignity: please check whether you wearing it the right way or not. :-D