Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New place

For the past 4 weeks, it’s been a hectic life for me. Balancing between works and moving to a new place and at the same time keep my sanity intake is quite challenging to me. But in the end, I managed to go through it all without getting my head bald :-p

Even I didn’t get my head bald, but I have been away from blogger’s world for so long that when I get back to it, I received three (3) tags from minah, maya & stitch and black harrier. Sorry friends! Been a bit busy recently…hmmm can I reply your tags by next year…hahaha! Okey…okey I’ll do my best to reply it ASAP.

As for my new place, what can I say…I love it so much! What I love most about my new place is the scenery and the nature sound. Really remind me of my kampong back at Ranau.

The green hill, the countryside, the lights at night, the lightning from afar during thunderstorm…

and of course the lovely sunset which I can generously view everyday.

Early in the morning, I can hear the sound of nature…the crickets and the birds singing. To my surprise, natural alarm clock also got…the rooster’s crow! Hmm I don’t need to use my handphone’s alarm clock anymore. :D

Sometimes when I’m lucky, on my way back from work, I get to see my most favourite animal of all…the *wogok! (favourite food also...sasau, sa nyuk, etc...hehe). One time, I nearly hit a very fat wogok. Thank goodness, I managed to avoid it. I didn’t see it bcoz it’s quite dark that time and some more the wogok is a black one. Okey! I know, as a P driver, it’s just a good excuse :-p

*Wogok = Pig

Anyway, I hope that this new place will bring me more happiness, love, prosperity and the entire good thing in the world in many years to come.

Hmm…I think I sound like the greetings in the hallmark card already…hahaha!


FH2o said...

Congratulations and best wishes.
From the sound of it; you've got a really nice place!

ulai said...

Thanks for your wishes fh2o! Yeah I really need a nice place to rest and relax after all the chaos in the office :D

ta66y said...

if u'd actually hit d fat wogok, then u wouldn't hv 2 worry abt food 4 a week!

ulai said...

yeah you're so right there ta66y! goreng pun sedap! apalagi kalau panggang...lagi sedappp...terus nampak London ohh! hahaha!

NoorAinee said...

CONGRATS!Bila la house warmming..???Ko suda janji tuh Very Berry Swiss Roll jgn ko buat2 lupa..

ulai said...

iya mau buat house warming...tapi tunggu syeikh muzaffar pinang ko dulu...hahahaha!