Monday, September 03, 2007

Home sweet home

During the Malaysia Independence Day holiday, I’ve made a short trip back to my hometown.

Padang Merdeka

Very early in the morning, I went to the Ranau station, near Padang Merdeka to catch an Unser to Ranau. In the end, I have to catch a taxi as the Unser have not arrived yet. Actually, for me, I prefer the Unser as they are much more comfortable than the taxi for a long journey on the road. Bus also not bad...they are more adventurer!

Padang Merdeka

The fare is RM15 only for one way.

Who’s in the shadow?

One thing I love about going back to hometown is that I can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery along the road and the fresh mountain air. Here are some of the pictures that I took. Sadly, most of the pictures are blurred and they are not exactly the view that I want to shoot but it’s very difficult for me to take nice picture from a moving car with an F1 formula driver. Adding to that, my travel buddy doesn’t have the VBR function. Still, my love for him is undeniable :-P. Of course in the end, I’m not a pro photographer either.

Pekan Nabalu

The waterfall from afar

The vegetable/fruit stalls along the road

From the picture below, you can see the unfinished tall structure at the road junction to Bundu Tuhan. I heard that it is the restaurant that they plan to build which will have the 180 degree view of Mt Kinabalu. Hopefully this new kids on the block will attract more tourist, both local and foreign.

Dark cloudy weather

The vegetable stalls at Kundasang

People busy with their normal day to day life at the vegetable stalls at Kundasang

The beautiful scenery of the hills at Kundasang

The village at the foothill of Mt Kinabalu

Finally, I arrived at Ranau town.

Ranau is a small town but still managed to have a few known shops like Milimewa…

And KFC…don’t play-play ahh! (as quoted by Phua Chu Kang)

Sk St. Benedict, Ranau (one of the schools at Ranau)

Plan to pay a visit to Poring Hot Springs which is 18 km only from Ranau town but my schedule is full already. It’s like 10 years since my last trip to Poring Hot Springs. As told by Suausindak in her blog as she went there recently with her family, there are many changes at Poring since then. Next time lo…sadddd :(

My kampong name is Kg. Marakau, 10 minutes drive only from Ranau town. One thing never changed about my kampong...the gravel, bumpy, so-many-hole road…hmm!

View of my kampong from my house’s balcony. It’s quite misty early in the morning. Cold!

Dark cloud hover over the mountain in the evening

Going back kampong this time, I have 2 impossible missions. One is to update myself with my 3 (three) unpredictable nephews.

Two….is to indulge myself with the King of all fruits in the world bcoz of his strongest, powerful smell that can beat all those branded perfume in the market...CK, Ralph Lauren, Channel, etc.


It’s the durian season for my brother’s dusun. Yahoo! I love DURIAN! Who’s in the world who does not love durian…yeah I know… some people can’t stand with durian. But for me, it’s like heaven when you eat those delicious durian. Yummy! Yummy!

Anyway, borneo trekker wants to wish all Malaysian, Happy Independence Day and not forgotten…happy independence also to myself for being ‘merdeka’ from office workload for 3 days only…not enough actually. Can I have more holidays? :-P


ecila said...

onton..u shud've tapau some lulians back for me..huhu

ULAI said...

ecila...ada sy tapau...tapi belum sampai KK, sudah habis...hahahahahaha...bah next time ko ikut saya balik kampung la :)

Neneth said...

Wah..Ulai..syok oo ko balik Ranau, saya lama sudah tidak balik. Kalau balik pun tidak pernah pi Pekan..kesian kan..:(

ULAI said...

iya neth...siok balik ranau. sy pun lama sdh tdk balik sejak chinese new year lagi. tdk kesian la neth. yg penting dapat balik kampung...nanti raya balik lagi...huhuhu!

FloDawn said...

Aiyaaaa kanapa jus ONE gambar kucing ko post ulai *sob-sob* Punya kiuuuut! Kalo sa yg nampak tu... habis la tu kucing tu hehe...

ulai said...

sebab satu sj kucing sy jumpa waktu pegi kuala penyu hari tu...anjing banyak la..kecil besar pun ada...hahaha! iya tu kucing mmg cute. klu ko ada sana sy rasa tu kucing mesti tension punya! :-)

misoshiru2312 said...


saya orang ranau juga..
lama sudah tidak balik ranau..

sebab saya sangat jauh dari malaysia..

mau minta izin, ambil gambar dari blog ko ni kio..

saya orang kampung lohan..=)