Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Everywhere I travel, I must take picture of any dogs that I meet along the journey. It’s like a habit to me already. No doubt that I loves dog.





Kampung Marakau

Snoopy 2

Below picture was taken back in 2001 at one of the lodge at Cameron Highlands, Pahang. Just come back from the Mt Yong Yap (7113ft) expedition at Sungai Siput, Perak, organized by the Malaysian Backpackers. We want to do some sight-seeing and resting our tired feet before returning to Kuala Lumpur. The white dog belongs to the owner of the lodge where we spend our nite there. He's so friendly. He even hugs my legs.

Down to memory lane

And one exception, a cat which I named her Atama :D I meet her at Kuala Penyu. I’m not very fond of cat species but this cat is quite smart and evil too. I heard from her owner that she kills her own children before.

Atama (*Sorry! The picture is blurred)

She’s cute, indeed!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Federal Territory of Labuan

One of the weekends, I decide to join my sister for the second time on one of her exploratory trip to an island called Labuan. We spend a night at Kuala Penyu before driving to Menumbok the next day.

Labuan ferry ticket counter

Labuan ferry schedule

From Menumbok, we decide to take speedboat which only takes 30 – 40 minutes to reach Labuan. The speedboat doesn’t have any fixed schedule. They can go as early as 8.00 a.m. Ferry only available at 10.30 a.m which is unsuitable to our express travel plan.

Speedboat ticket counter

Ferry/speedboat terminal

People waiting for the speedboat

People boarding the speedboat

I’m dreaming of having one of this thing…

in my collection…power host 225…keep on dreaming!

While waiting for our speedboat, I wonder what happen to the ship that stranded at the Menumbok ferry terminal there. First time, when I went to Labuan, it’s there. Then, this time, it’s still there. I’m starting to imagine that those Casper and his species are having a party at the ship and they are cruising the sea at nite time…spookyyyy!


We park our car at the Chinese temple nearby the ferry terminal. The parking fee is RM5 per nite only. Very cheap!

Protector of the cars…dragons!

After the 35 minutes bumpy ride by speedboat, we arrived at Labuan around 9.40 a.m. If we take the ferry instead, it will take like 2 hours to reach Labuan. But to tell you the truth, the ride is very bouncy, depends on the condition of the sea. The higher the wave, the higher you bounced from your seat. And watch out your head! If you lucky enough, your head will hit the roof…ouch!

**Labuan International Ferry Terminal

The structure design of the terminal reminded me of KLIA. But this is a super small version of KLIA.

First thing I noticed about Labuan… a very clean city!

The Labuan people are very responsible to their city as I didn’t see any garbage around. Salute!

I saw one colourful building! Can anyone tell me the building belongs to which organization? Very cheerful! I like!

Colourful building

The taxi there has a refreshing look compared to taxi in Kota Kinabalu.

We have our lunch at one of the restaurant opposite the ferry terminal. As usual, when it comes to food, I’m willing to try everything. So I decide to order……(**drum roll)

Chicken Rice! Hahaha! Not so grand ahh :-P. But I love the Chicken Rice there. The chicken is crispy just like KFC and some more it comes with mustard and delicious pickles.

Speaking about foods, it reminds of two (2) new delicacies I encounter recently at Kuala Penyu, called ‘Sinompulon Labu’, made by the grandma there.

Sinompulon Labu

Sinompulon Labu is made from pumpkin. I didn’t have the chance to ask for the full recipe as we rushing to go to Labuan. But next time when I go there again, I will ask for the recipe and share with you guys. Now, I’m thinking of changing my blog’s name to Food & Borneo Trekker! Hmm…what do you guys think? :)

And the second delicacy is ‘Shark Fish Roasted’. The sharks are from the small species one, easily found at the sea at Kuala Penyu there. I’m a bit shocked at first when I bite the fish because feel like there is an ammonia gas coming out from the fish and it goes straight into my lungs. Good for your breathing system…they said! Too copped up with the foods, I forgot to take picture of the shark delicacy :-P.

Back to the Labuan story…After lunch, settled our important things and now it’s the time for the most and only important mission that we have in our mind ever since we take off from Menumbok. To shop for…


As everyone know, Labuan is a free government tax island, which caused the price for liquors, cigarettes and cholocates is super cheap there. If possible, can we replace the Gaya Island with the Labuan island…much nearer to Kota Kinabalu…hahaha!

Our favourite liquors shop at Labuan is the LMJ Duty Free Shop. The lady boss there is very nice to us as my sister is one of her loyal customer. She always looks at our best interest. Give us so much discount, pack our things nicely, etc…Each time we go there, she recognized us already… the liquors freak family! :-P

We went to one of the shop at ferry terminal called First Stop but the price there is a bit expensive. I’m looking for a perfume for myself but the choice there is quite limited. One of my colleagues from Labuan recommended me a shop called Tai Seng, but when the time I found the shop we already in rush to catch the ferry. Next time then…

Recently, my sister has been so expert in choosing the best liquors & wines ever. So I take this chance to become her student. Adding to that, my nephew who is used to work at a bar before at one of the known hotel in Kota Kinabalu has give me a few recipes on some of the mix drink they used to served at the bar. Hopefully I can use these quite useful skill during my next Christmas family gathering this coming December. Bartender to my family… hmm…a very good excuse for me for not to cook in the kitchen this coming Christmas…huhuhu :-P

Below is the picture of UK from afar. Please take note that the UK at Labuan stands for Ujana Kewangan and not United Kingdom :) Also known as the Labuan Financial Park. I didn’t have enough time to go there. Next time then!


After the excitement of shopping, we went back to the main land by ferry at 2.00 p.m. But I’m more excited on taking as many as pictures as I can. So with strong determination and protected by sun block SPF 20++, I went to the upper deck of the ferry and start my project. So here are some of the pictures that I’ve taken during the 2 hours momentous ferry trip.

Cars ready to jump into the ocean!

The upper deck of the ferry

During busy taking picture, I can’t help to noticed that there are few people having Aramai tii. In the middle of afternoon…hmm…they really using the full advantage that the Labuan offer.

**Aramai tii = a special term by Sabahan that means enjoying yourself by drinking with your family or friends.

Waterfront Hotel

Love the clouds!

Sabah Shipyard


Jabatan Laut Labuan

Labuan Express Tiga from Kota Kinabalu

Blue ship

Orange ship

Fisherman ship?

Pirates of Borneo?

When we reach the main land at 4.30 p.m., the weather is cloudy and the dark cloud shows that there will be heavy rain after this.

Fisherman village

Who’s first? People or cars?

My favourite pictures are…

In the end of the journey, my sister made her very own conclusion. She said as long as my niece is still there at Labuan, we have a very good reason to go to Labuan as frequent as we want and should use this golden opportunity to improve our collection of liquors. Hmm…confirmed that there would be few trips to the island again after this….

So our next targets are …

Need to add more to our stock for the coming Christmas this December…huhuhu!

As for my very own conclusion…..the true heritage of KadazanDusun really shows in my family’s blood!

And borneo trekker so proud of it! Aramai tii! :)