Thursday, August 02, 2007

tips on water rafting

One (1) more day to meet the challenge of the highty mighty level 4 padas river (maybe reach level 5 already bcoz of the unstoppable rain)...i hope not! :(

Some tips that I received from my friends who went there recently:

1. Life jacket must be wear tightly as to prevent it from expanding too much and blocking your view when you in the water and easy for the guide to pull you from the water (of course for non-swimmer only). If it's loose, goodbye to you and hope to see you at the ending point.

2. Helmet must be stick to your head like glues if you still loves your brains.

3. Camera can be bring until the starting point. The guide will keep the camera inside a waterproof bag before the rafting start. Bring at your own risk! SLR not advisable! Expensive wohhh!

4. Always smile during the rafting as there are many hidden camera everywhere, even though you are so scary until you pissed in your pants which is fine bcoz there are water everywhere and should have the same colour with your natural water.

5. Bring 'gam gajah', better 'gam dinosour', for you to glues your buttocks to the boat so that you won't fell into the water which i intend to do. (for non-swimmer only)

6. Don't wear sun block if you want to look like Beyonce Knowles.

7. Lastly, write a will before you go.

Hopefully all these tips that I proudly share with you guys and girls can help you a lot in surviving the water rafting trip. If anybody out there have their own tips to share, you are welcome to do so.

cayo! cayo!


uji said...

How about bring some anti-diarrhea pills, in case if you swallow too much muddy river water :p

borneotrekker said...

but uji! i remember last time you swallow those anti-diarrhea effect at all..hmmmm

ta66y said...

u truly crack me up...hahaha!

ada ciri2 kennysia sudah nih...spend 2 much time reading his blog rite...hehe!

anyways...keep up the great humour!