Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sabah is just truly amazing

Recently, I joined my sister’s family and their friends from Kudat traveling and sight-seeing around west-coast Sabah from Papar, Beaufort, Menumbok, Labuan then to Kuala Penyu. It’s very exciting for me that this is my chance to take as many pictures as I want of Sabah beautiful landscapes and share it all in my blog.

But, unfortunately, after nearly 100 pictures taken by my travel buddy, Nikon Coolpix 11, all those pictures just gone with the wind. Dammit! My sd card brings all my pictures down to the grave with him. I can’t remember how many times I cursed my sd card and threaten to throw him into the South Chinese Sea. Still, I keep it and hope that later when I connect him to my PC, I will be able to retreat back my pictures. But then, he’s totally dead and gone forever. I have learned my mistake in such a way that I will always remember that for the next trip, I will make sure that I have extra batteries, extra sd card and extra heart, just in case I get heart attack which I nearly have because of the stupid Nikon pro sd card. And after this…I will buy the most expensive sd card ever invented…*#s@h%it!

Thanks to my travel buddy, I’ve managed to take 2 beautiful landscape pictures, by storing them in my internal buddy’s memory. Thanks again buddy! Sadly, I can’t take much because of the limited space. At least better than nothing!

The jetty at Pantai Sawangan, Kuala Penyu

Good news for ‘kaki pancing’! Fishing is allowed at the jetty. When we arrive there at nearly 6 p.m., a few peoples already busy fishing. We also join them but we only managed to catch one small crab and few small fishes which ended in our dinner plate that evening. They said all those big, nicest, juiciest fishes already went to sleep. I don’t know that fish also need to sleep. I wonder if they need to take bath also!

Our main course for the dinner that evening is Sago*, the famous food among the locals there. The Sago to them is like the rice to us.

How to prepare the Sago?

  1. The form of the Sago is in white powder when you buy from the market.
  2. Mix the white powder with boil water in a basin.
  3. Use a wood spoon to mix it properly and you have to mix it without stopping until it becomes like the sticky transparent chewing gum.
  4. Ready to eat. It is recommended that we leave to the experts in Sago to prepare it because it’s not so easy to prepare it. One mistake, all would end in the dustbin.

How to eat it?

  1. Use a not so long stick of wood or a chopstick to roll and roll the Sago with your stick until it becomes like the big ball of chewing gums.
  2. Dip it inside a fish soup or any soup that has been prepared before. Fish soup is recommended.
  3. Directly swallow it as fast as you can. Do not chew it because it will stick to your teeth and later you will have problem opening your mouth.
  4. Feel the Sago ball going down your esophagus. It feels great!


It is advisable for the beginner to make the ball of Sago smaller as you can. I’ve nearly chocked when I eat the Sago for the first time. Because I’m so selfish, I want to make the biggest Sago ball ever. But I don’t know how to swallow it. It’s just stick to my throat. I have to drink lots of water to push it down. My sister’s family and their friends all laughing in the floor when they saw my panicking face. ‘Serve you right!’ they said! ‘Itula godoat*

Sago* = locally known as ambuyat

Godoat* = eat selfishly

Besides fishing, Pantai Sawangan is a place to sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset and the view of the Pulau Tiga from afar. At night, you can see the glittering light comes from the Borneo Survivor Resort at Pulau Tiga.

Sunset view at Pantai Sawangan, Kuala Penyu

As a souvenir from the whole trip, I have few jelly fish* stings on my body for being so eager to jump into the water at the Pantai Sawangan beautiful white sandy beach. My body has been itchy for a few days. For revenge, we catch those transparent jelly fish, cut off his stinging legs, cleaned him and eat him raw mix with lime juice and chopped garlic. Luckily, it comes from the family of non-dangerous species. If not, now borneo trekker would be just part of the blogger history. Still, the jelly fish is delicious! Till finger lickin good!

Jelly fish* = locally known as balung

Jomla cuti-cuti Sabah! Next destination probably…Pulau Tiga! :)


Daniel Alex said...

Kuat jalan-jalan ko ni ah? Boleh join ka? :D

ULAI said...

boleh bah kalau ko AL! :)

ta66y said...

keep up with the photography! u're doing great! yup, sabah is an amazing place 2 live in with many places to visit & explore!

borneotrekker said...
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ulai said...

thanks ta66y for your compliment! and for being a great teacher to me...i learn from the best :)