Monday, July 02, 2007

happy weekends

Saturday – meets Iper, a friend that I have not seen since my graduation day 4 years ago. Had our lunch at Peppermint Asia City, which serving my most favourite steam chicken rice and crispy spring rolls…and one and only chilies that is totally different from the rest. Everyone must try once!

Gossiping, catching up old times, windows shopping, etc. End of the day, I decide to do some minor shopping and the result is…

Nucci handbag with 50% discount. My memory for the reunion with my old good friend. In fact, she chooses the handbag for me.

Sunday – watch Transformer with Unduk

My personal movie review for Transformer:

Superb! Exciting! Thrilling! Damn good man! So much better than Pirates of the Caribbean! I gave ***** 5 stars +++. Worth my every ringgit Malaysia. For those who madly in love with cars, machines, robotics, etc like me, please…please…please watch Transformer. You will not regret it. Bumblebee…you are my hero!

More than meet the eye…:D

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