Monday, July 09, 2007

7th Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run

Last Saturday on 07.07.2007, I ran for the 7K Charity Run together with another 2 runner bugs, Alice and Unduk. This is my 2nd time on joining the event. Sutera Harbour Resort is always organizing the charity event every once a year, usually in July.

Before the run start, we do this silly warming up kinda like of aerobics. Unfortunately, in the middle of the warming up, the sound system having one of his bad moods. Everyone just like “booooooooo”, pity the girls who are doing the demo on the stage.

This is our starting line...but I wonder why it's written there 'FINISH' instead of 'START'. Hmm...We start running at 5.17 p.m. In order to qualified for the lucky draw, you must finished the 7km distance within 77 minutes.

Some of them running and some of them just walking…and one of them holding Nokia handphone, just in case the boyfriend call.

We arrived at our finishing line at 6.27 p.m. Less than 77 minutes! Not bad for us who are rarely run, unless to catch some hot liang chai!:-P Do you notice that all the numbers are in 7…deja-vu!
Near the Indocafe Booth, I saw Lim and his son, Aaren. Can you see that Aaren have this 90% Japanese looks and I can't stop myself from pinching his chubby cheeks. So cute!

Other runner bugs we meet after the run…Rustam, Ani & Nora (the 3 behinds).

Our KKIPC team from left…Alice, Chin Yit, Irene and the fittest among all! :-P Kak Isa & Lim (both not in the picture), nowhere to be seen.

Everyone is crossing their fingers for the lucky draw. I’m crossing my 20 fingers & toes for the 28 inches plasma tv! This is my second time being the charitable person, I suppose I have to win something even just a hamper. He!he! Actually my company is the one paying for my charity.

Presenting the YMCA dancers...

One of the artists for the nite is Velvet from AF4. Meletop! We quite shocked to see her as she’s not big anymore as before. After the event, the 3 of us went to Sing Kong, Beverly Hills to refill our energy after the long 7km run.
And I discover that if you want to savour the best 'kit chai pink' in KK', go to Sing Kong.

Even I came home, without winning anything, the memories of the event is priceless. But I still aim for the 28 inches plasma tv next year! See you guys on the 8thSutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run then.

Run for fun, health & charity….and of course for ‘the 28 inches plasma tv’. :)


Anonymous said...

m claiming royalty from u...*evil laugh*

ULAI said...

who's m? mcdonald? what royalty? i'm not a princess :-P