Monday, July 23, 2007

4th self defense class

In our 4th self defense class, we learn how to protect ourselves if we are being attacked inside our car. This is so useful especially for ladies. We also learn on how to defend ourselves against knife. Preventing from us killing each other, we used birthday knife and a ‘samurai sword toy’ made from plastic in our practice.

This is our Sifu Tony and the 3 students behind him practicing some of the skills.

I’ve recorded on some of the skills that we had learned. Hopefully these videos will help us ladies become the next charlie angels…hiyakkkk!!! Watch out u guys. We’re going to outwit, out kick, out smash…all of you.

And the next apprentice of William Hung….she bang! she bang! oh baby! she move! she move!

I’m not sure whether my stomach is cramped from too much karate-taekwando-judo practice or too much laughing...hahahaha!

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