Monday, July 23, 2007

1,000 Voices Mega Concert for Peace

July 15, 2007, 1,000 Voices Mega Concert for Peace & Charity, the first of its kind in Sabah featuring more than 1,000 choir singer being held at Likas Stadium, Kota Kinabalu. And more than 1,000 spectators come to witness the event including me and Iper. She brings her niece also.

With the sunset as the background, the concert together with its choir singers presents a beautiful picture.

Special guest artistes are The Ambassadors from Philippines.

And The Golden Angels from South Korea which I think their songs are more interesting than the other one…hehe!

Sabah’s Miss Unduk Ngadau for 2007, Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas, is also performing solo that nite. Her voice is superb man! Sound just like those Africans-Americans. One of her songs is ‘you raise me up’.

Halfway the concert, suddenly I feel my eyes so heavy! I’m getting sleepy! I have only one word to say….BORING! Christianity songs kind of like il-Divo is truly not for me. Now I can feel 2 invisible red horns growing on my head and a very long red tails from my sexy ass :-P

But still, I have enjoy the experience and the concert’s tickets are FOC some more.

Thanks to my generous colleagues who have contribute!

Thanks to Iper for being the great company that nite!

…and last but not least, thanks to the beautiful sunset that evening that makes the concert feel less boring ;)

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sharon said...

eh... that pic is The Ambassadors from the Philippines lah. Korean group was the last performance.

i agree it was a boring event. i liked the filipinos tho